What’s the thing with original gems and natural diamonds? – Ya'arit

What’s the thing with original gems and natural diamonds?

Yes, we’re oldschool. It might not have been apparent at first glance, but trust us - we are. It is implied mostly, behind the scenes. each millimeter gets our complete attention, as if it was - the whole world, because,  well, it actually is. 

The value of any piece of jewelry is determined not only by the way it is formed, but rather by its ingredients. The Karat is the index explaining the value of the metal, i.e - gold. The gems tell a long historic myth on the jewelry's essence. All those millions of years in the depths of the earth, the gem absorbs the energy and acquires its attributes - color and strength. Many cultures see the connection between the deep earth and the stars above, threw the gems. Some have healing powers, some have multiple meanings that cannot be explained simply, nonetheless they’re all amazing and special in many ways. 

14K white gold ring
Natural rock Crystal, Emerald cut
ring size 7.5
crystal size 1.8 x 1.4 cm

we live in a world in which we can see the difference between fake and true, between the authentic and the synthetic. You probably encountered already with synthetic gems, which have no connection to ‘the real deal’ other than their names. Unfortunately, those tempered man made glasses don’t hold the same energies and attributes as real harvested gems from the depths of the earth, and so, we cannot hold them true in our works of art - as they can’t have the eternal flow of the universe and man’s creation. 

couple hug diamond ring

14k yellow gold set with 0.2ct natural premium diamond
0.10ct natural premium diamond.
0.3ct natural premium diamond weight.