How to keep your jewelry clean? – Ya'arit

Want to go to that gala night with the stunning royal look and shiny jewelry? Here are our best tips:

First and foremost, we do not recommend doing hard work while wearing jewelry. Be the princess that you are, and don’t do weight lifting, running, diving or house cleaning with your jewelry on. Doing those tasks may damage the shape and structure of the jewelry. We recommend you to take a small velvet bag or special jewelry box to keep your dear ones a side for those physical activities. Even a simple task like cooking can paint your gem stone with orange-curry  color or beetroot-purple.

When you wish to clean your jewelry we advise to take a soft toothbrush, and dip it in warm (but not boiling) water, and dish wash soap. Rub it well with a soft 100% cotton rag.

Do you have hair tangled in your golden necklaces? Burn it quickly with a lighter, the hairs will burn and disappear and the necklace will look brand new again.

If you have a pearl necklace , it is better to keep it away from water, as for most pearls are threaded with silk strings and when the string get wet the necklace could tear apart. It is best to remove the pearl necklace before getting in the shower and wear it again only after putting all moisturizers and perfumes. To shine the pearls, we suggest using silicon oil (the one you put on your hair) and rub the pearls softly, as for pearls are actually a natural organism and not stone as one would presume.

Last tip for our fashionista girl, wearing all those rings together, can bend them, or make the diamonds break one another. Please try to keep spacing between the rings on the fingers.

Have a dazzling night!