Why Non symmetry design is actually harmonious and balanced? – Ya'arit

It seems we always look for symmetry in life, seek for balance. This blessed stability that is pleasant to our eyes, is most aspired. So, when we see someone wearing non-symmetric earrings, there’s some what a bold statement  in it. By far, it is not trivial or common. As designers, we actually see this non-symmetric idea a source of harmony and completion.

In their own unique way, all forms have an inherent non-symmetry. Hence, Non symmetry exist everywhere in nature, in our surroundings,  if we only agree to accept it, and recognize it. Moreover, the empowerment of the non-symmetry, the aspired balance is given when the 2 sides, even though not equal, uphold their own role and create a complete balance.

Reflecting the design world with everyday life relationships, when both partners are similar in nature, they might get along well, if they like to see their own reflection in their partners. But this could also be an “overdose” and after a while, they will look out for some new thrill that could complete what they feel missing in themselves. Two people, similar to each other in style and nature, but different in essence , could empower each other into a harmonious relationship, and complete each other with the elements each of them lacks - so to speak, and so create together- the perfect relationship.

Every form, structure and line, has meaning and effect on reality. So wearing non-symmetric designed earrings, who complete each other by design, could surprisingly, give a total look and harmonious fashionable chic, and not only- her side…